BMES 2021


It is that time of the year! It is the BMES Conference time! Many of Dr. Yupeng Chen’s students are going to presenting at upcoming the BMES 2021 Conference!! We are all excited to go! The conference is taking place in Orlando, Florida from October 6th to October 2021. More information in the link below!

Below is the list of time and dates and presentation titles that we will be presenting! One of our graduate students, Allison Surian, will be doing an oral presentation at this conference! Exciting (and nerve wrecking) but nonetheless, FUN! Please come check out our presentations! 🙂

Allison Surian –  Codelivery of Doxorubicin and siRNA via Janus Based Nanopiece for Improved Cancer Treatment – 10/9/2021 at 8 am

Jinhyung Lee – DNA-inspired Nanopieces for RNA delivery and Enhanced Endosomal Escape – 10/8/2021 at 3 pm-4 pm

Ian Sands – Electrically Conductive DNA-Inspired Nano-Coating for Enhanced Neural Interfaces – 10/8/2021 at 3 pm-4 pm

Anne Yau – A library of Janus Base Nano-Matrices to Selectively Promote Different Cell Lineage Adhesion – 10/7/2021 at 9.30 am-10.30 am

Aaron Beams – Intracellular Protein Delivery using Nanopieces for Anticancer Applications – 10/7/2021 at 9.30 am-10.30am