Month: April 2022


Hello, everyone! It has been a hot second since the last update! We started from No Mask April to Masked Up April in a month, unfortunately! But enough with the bad news! Now onto good news!!

The first news we have!! NEW students joining our lab!!

We are going to welcome a few students back to our lab next Fall! Maxwell will be joining us as a first-year Ph.D. student! Leah and Olivia will be back for their 4+1 degree getting their Master’s degree! Amazing and congratulations!!

Next news! We want to congratulate Ian Sands for getting an honorable mention for his National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) competition )NSF GRFP) 2022! It is very hard to get it and the fact that he reaches this stage is an amazing feat! The stats from last year in getting honorable mention was phenomenal!

Last and definitely not least, Allison will graduate this semester (Sad for us, but good for her :P) and she found a job at Regeneron, a big pharmaceutical company around the area!!! CONGRATS!!!

It has been an exciting month, to be honest! More news to come! 🙂