Anne Yau

Graduate Student

Biomedical Engineering

Anne Yau is a 1st-year graduate student as of Fall 2019. She did her undergraduate at Texas A&M University in Chemistry and her Master’s at Brown University in Biotechnology. After her graduation from Texas A&M University, she worked at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas as an institute associate scientist under IACS together with Dr. Gang Liu and Dr. Chris Carrol in medicinal chemistry research. She worked on multiple projects (GLS-1 and Bromodomain TRIM24) and was responsible for the synthesis of novel small molecules inhibitors against a number of biological targets. She worked with Dr. Chen at Brown University for her Master’s thesis on the fabrication of Nanomatrix (JBNTs and Fibronectin) and in vitro studies of the Nanomatrix.

Her hobbies are playing video games, watching animes (Crunchyroll and Netflix), and playing with her cats (she has five- an early sign of a cat lady syndrome).

Her current research project under Dr. Chen are nanotubes fabrication, nanomatrix fabrication, and their biomedical applications. She will also be working on molecular engineering of the nanotubes.



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