Jinhyung Lee

Graduate Student

Biomedical Engineering

Jinhyung Lee is a 1st-year Ph.D. student at Biomedical Engineering. He did his undergraduate at Konkuk University in Bioengineering at Seoul, South Korea. He earned his Master of Science at University of California, San Diego in Bioengineering with his Master’s thesis on the “Self-Assembly DNA nanogel with embedded functional proteins for Nanomedicine platform”. He applied DNA Nanotechnology to make protein embedded DNA nanogel and efficiently deliver nanogel to the cancer cells.
After his graduation from UCSD, he worked at Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) in the department of Dementia (DTC). He worked on FRET-based Serotonin 2A Biosensor, which applied FRET technology and recombinant protein engineering to visualize the real-time Serotonin 2A activation in live cells.
His hobbies include playing tennis and exercise. He starts enjoying badminton and racquetball. One of his bucket list is to travel the National parks in States during his abroad.
His current research project under Dr. Chen is nucleic acid delivery to chondrocytes via Nanopiece. He is particularly interested in curing Osteoarthritis (OA) using this novel Nanopiece.
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