Month: November 2022

UConn, are you ready to FLY TO SPACE?

Great news to share!

Dr. Yupeng Chen and his research lab was featured on UConn Today on the 18th November 2022! The article can be found here! In the past year or so, Dr. Yupeng Chen submitted a proposal to NASA Research Announcement on In-Space (In-Spa) Production applications for low-Earth orbit (LEO). He successfully acquired a contract which was one of eight winning proposals submitted to NASA and will be conducting three In-Spa applications over three missions for 27 months!

We will be working with two partners, a UConn spinoff company, Eascra Biotech of Boston, and Axiom Space, a private aerospace company based in Houston, Texas to fabricate the Janus base nanomaterials (JBN) in space! We will be fabricating Janus base nanopiece (JBNp™), a delivery vehicle for mRNA and gene editing that can be used to treat diseases or produce a vaccine with oncological and neurological applications; and a Janus base nano-matrix (JBNm™), a porous, injectable material or scaffold onto which cells can adhere and grow.

We are excited to announce that our first flight will begin spring 2023! Two of the flights will be funded by NASA and one flight will be supported by Axiom’s private astronaut mission. Soon!!!