Month: January 2024

We are launching in NG-20!!

We are flying off to the International Space Station!! Ian and Anne are getting ready to go to the Kennedy Space Center to send our tissue engineered constructs with our Janus based Nanomatrix (JBNm) and Janus base Nanopieces (JBNp) to the Space Station inside Cubelab with the help of our implementation partner, Space Tango.

We have been waiting for this moment and we are so excited for this moment! Our Science is featured in the Nasa website found below! We will be flying in the NG-20 mission, coming up on 29th Jan 2024! Ian will be heading down to KSC on Wed and prepare the constructs to be launched on Jan 29th!

Science Launches to Space Station on NASA’s 20th Northrop Grumman Mission