Month: January 2022


Happy New Year of 2022, everyone!

The last year 2021, we finished STRONG despite the pandemic!!! I applaud everyone for working so hard! AND definitely, THANK YOU for all your hard work! Dr. Chen just gave a recent update on what happened in 2021, and we DID NOT disappoint! HATS OFF to all of us! 🙂

In 2021,
1. We have 22 current lab members (and counting), bringing the total of 27 lab members (5 alumni)
2. We have 7 papers/manuscripts published (including PNAS and ACS AMI – high-impact journals). WOW! Good work!
3. We have 1 book and 3 book chapters published!
4. Our students went on 17 conference presentations! Can you BELIEVE THAT!
5. We also have 3 patent applications! (WOW!!)
6. Lastly, we have 3 NIH, 2 NSF, and 1 DOD grants!


We are working so hard, and thank you everyone for your contributions! We are looking for another year full of publications, presentations and grants! We are growing strong!