Happy Thanksgiving!

Two weeks ago we had our very first HOLIDAY PARTY! Thanks, Dr. Chen, for providing both pizza and sandwiches! I know, sadly we did not get TURKEY (you know, for Thanksgiving!)! Maybe next time! 🙂
We all had a great time, getting to know each other. In the beginning we tried to search for music in youtube! We were wondering if there were actually any THanksgiving songs! Well, youtube did not dissapoint and we found another version of "baby shark" for Thanksgiving song. It did not last long before Ian changed it to Christmas songs 😛

Anne made white chocolate green tea matcha cookies and Jin brought a Korean rice drink (picture below) It was quite good, but beware of the rice in the bottom! Amazing how you can try different food in a diverse research group! 🙂Dr Chen Giving a few words

Dr. Chen is giving a few words before the feast starts!

Korean Drink

That is the drink Jin brought! Pretty good! (Background of sandwiches lol)

That was the baby shark Thanksgiving music playing with Emily as the decoration 😛