Author: Chen, Yupeng

A postdoc position available!

Background and Qualifications

A fully funded postdoc position is available in Professor Yupeng Chen’s nanomedicine lab at University of Connecticut. Our group focused on innovative DNA nanotechnology and the its applications in biomedicine ( The lab as published as a series of high-impact papers (in PNAS, Bioactive Materials, etc) and US patents which have been successfully licensed to industry. The lab is funded by NIH, NSF and DOD. Most recently, our tissue engineering technology was selected to be used on the International Space Station to overcome the impact of microgravity in space. We are dedicated to provide multidisciplinary research opportunities, friendly working culture and supportive career development for all lab members.

The successful candidate should have a strong background in biomaterials characterization such as TEM, AFM, UV-vis, Zeta potential, DLS, etc. The candidate should also have cell and molecular biology skills, such as cell culture, ELISA, PCR, gel electrophoresis, etc. Experience in animal experiment is preferred. High level of motivation, responsibility and independence are expected. Competitive salary and benefits will be provided.

Working Environment

University of Connecticut (UConn) is a research (R1) public university in the U.S. located at Storrs, CT. It consistently ranks as a top 25 public university in U.S. News. UConn has a very beautiful campus and world-class facilities. Students at UConn are very competitive and they organize or participate all sorts of interesting activities and sport games on campus. UConn is near to major cities: half-hour drive to Hartford (the capital city of Connecticut); 1.5-hour drive to Boston; and 3-hour drive to New York. The State of Connecticut is a wealthy state. In recent years, the state government is strongly supporting UConn for scientific research and technology translation through the $1.7 billion Next Generation Connecticut and the $1.0 billion Bioscience Connecticut initiatives.

Contact Method

Please send the CV including research background, research interest, experiment skills and publications to