Maxwell Landolina

Graduate Student

Biomedical Engineering

Maxwell (Max) Landolina is a graduate student since Fall 2022. He graduated from UCONN in 2022, completing a Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in Biomaterials. He performed research during his undergraduate degree on tissue scaffold design optimization using response surface methodology (RSM). After finishing this work, he gave a presentation at the Biomedical Engineering Society annual conference in San Antonio. His current research with Dr. Chen primarily focuses on the use of a nanomatrix to induce cartilage repair in growth plate injuries. This includes both an in vivo investigation using rat animal models as well as the use of In-Space Manufacturing to produce a more effective matrix in a microgravity environment. When not in the lab, he trains in boxing and BJJ, plays video games, binges shows (currently on Bleach), betters his cooking skills, and hangs out with his puppy Pip.

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