Libo Zhou

Post Doc

Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Libo Zhou is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Biomedical
Engineering at the University of Connecticut. She received her ph.D. degree from Jilin
University in China with a thesis on the “Mesoporous Carbon Nanospheres as a Multifunctional
Carrier for Cancer Theranostics”. She also participated in several projects about the biomedical
application of the semiconducting polymer dots at Jilin University.

During the last year and a half of her Ph.D. study, she worked at Boston University as a visiting
student. Her research is focused on applying semiconducting polymer dots as contrast agents for
optical coherence tomography combined retina volumetric fluorescence angiography and the
measurement of flow‐mediated dilation of mouse femoral artery in vivo by optical coherence

Dr. Zhou’s main research project currently is the fabrication and application of novel biomimetic
tissue engineering materials, Nano-Matrix, which are self-assembled with DNA based nanotubes
JBNTs and different biologically active proteins.

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