BMES Conference in Philly

Next week our PI, Dr.Chen, our postdocs, and an undergraduate, Ian, will be attending the BMES conference in Philly, Pennsylvania. There will be no group meeting but they will be having fun at the conference!
Our very own, Dr. Libo Zhou and Dr. Wuxia Zhang as well as our senior undergraduate student will be doing a couple of poster presentations! Dr. Wuxia Zhang and Ian will be presenting on Thursday and Dr. Libo Zhou will be presenting on Friday! Please check out what they are doing!

For those who have not heard of BMES, the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) is for a group of professional biomedical engineers and bioengineers to get together to talk about science! It’s a professional society that was founded in early 1968 and growing rapidly!

BMES conferences serve as a platform for both students and professionals to present their interesting research, as either/or oral presentation or poster presentation! The purpose of BMES is to serve its mission to promote and enhance knowledge and education worldwide! Hence, every year, they will host an annual meeting in different cities!

Learn more about their annual meeting here! 🙂